We would like to introduce you to some ships from the wide range of watercraft in the texts listed below.


River cruise ships

In recent years, SET has made an excellent name for itself as a provider of complete shipbuilding services. The company has excellent references, especially when it comes to building new river cruise ships. Functionality, object design and comfort must be perfectly coordinated in order to make the passengers’ stay as pleasant as possible. In addition to the cabins, the public area such as the lounge, the restaurant, wellness areas, the sanitary facilities and kitchen rooms must be optimally equipped technically and functionally. The comprehensive know-how of the SET specialists pays off.

The “Viking Legend” is the first river cruise ship to be equipped with an electric motor drive. The river cruise ships are between 83 m and 135 m long, between 9.5 m and 11.45 m in width and have two or three decks, depending on the area of travel. Depending on the size of the ship and its equipment, up to 200 passengers can be carried.

Passenger ships

Whether on the Elbe, the Weser or the Danube: SET passenger ships can be found on many rivers. The design and construction require a lot of technical know-how and a lot of experience with the special requirements of day-to-day business. With SET you are in good hands, because the specialists from Tangermünde and Genthin are very knowledgeable. This is demonstrated, for example, by the passenger ships “MS Louisiana Star”, “MS Hamburg”, “MS Hammonia”, “MS Hanseatic” and “MS Olympic Star” of the shipping company Abicht Hamburg as well as a large number of other passenger ships on the Rhine, the Weser and the Elbe . As well as on lagoon and lagoon waters.

Technical fleet and icebreaker

Sometimes ships just have to do extreme things! For example, when you are used as an icebreaker or in other demanding functions. In such cases in particular, compliance with the highest quality and safety standards is of the utmost importance. In close cooperation with the client, the designers and engineers at SET develop solutions that meet the specific application requirements 100 percent. Today the “MS Görmitz” is one of the few ships that can take over the ice breakup in the lagoon and bay area in winter. The same applies to the new construction series of 5 work ships with ice breaking properties that are in use in the inland area, on rivers and canals.

Other ships in the coastal area of ​​the North and Baltic Seas help with the maintenance and buoying of the shipping lanes, with coastal protection and are responsible for controlling the waters. For example, the “MS Burchana” can take water samples in the North and Baltic Seas through Moonpoole and analyze them on board. The same is possible with the “Max Prüss” on the Rhine and Ruhr. In addition, this ship has a fully equipped laboratory for analyzing the water samples. The projects “Haithabu” and “Leysand”, which are used in oil weir operations on the North and Baltic Seas, should also be mentioned here.


They are simply irreplaceable for traffic and transport in many places. A long service life and a high degree of functionality have always been the focus of ferries. They must be spacious and offer plenty of space for people and possibly vehicles. But above all, they have to be extremely robust.

The design and construction of ferries is a matter for professionals and has been part of SET’s service portfolio from the very beginning. In the past ten years eight ferries have been built by the specialists from Tangermünde and Genthin. For example the passenger and vehicle ferries “Bremerhaven”, “Lemwerder II” and “Stedingen” for the Bremerhaven / Bremen area. The same applies to the “Loreley” ferry, which operates on the Rhine, the “Sandau” and motorized ferry “Sandau”, the “Grieben” motorized ferry on the Elbe and the “Missunde” multi-purpose ferry on the Schlei.

The third, new ferry has recently been put into service for the FBS in Bremen, now with a new and innovative diesel-electric drive concept.

Police boats

Maneuverability and speed are two key characteristics of police boats. Regardless of whether they are to be used on rivers, lakes or in the North and Baltic Seas: SET has the necessary specialist knowledge and technical equipment to design and build police boats that are as safe as they are powerful. SET police boats are now used in numerous federal states for good reason. For example the five police boats for the Federal Police on the Baltic Sea, several police boats for special use on the Upper Elbe, one of which is used across borders.

Furthermore, the police boats with the trademark SET are in use on the Rhine, the canals and on Lake Constance for Germany and Austria.


Our references:

Passenger Ship "Louisiana Star"

In 1999, the passenger ship “Louisiana Star” was built for the Louisiana Starboard Company in the Tangermünde shipyard. Since its christening in 1999 it has been one of the biggest attractions in the Hamburg harbour and on the river Elbe.

The „Loisiana Star“ exudes southern states flair in combination with the latest technology.

Technical details:

  • Length OA: 56m
  • Beam: 11.6m
  • Draught: 1.85m
  • Drive: SRP 200
  • Power: 348kW
  • Passengers: 500

Service Vessel "Görmitz"

The “Görmitz” was built for the WSA Stralsund in Genthin and the commissioning was on 06.12.2004. The operational area is the Baltic Sea, the Greifswald Bodden Waters, Stettiner Haff, Peenestrom, and the Peene river to the estuary of the Kummerower lake.

The service vessel “Görmitz” has the following duties: laying of navigational aids, searches for obstacles, ice-breaking in winter (up to 30cm thickness), inspection and river runs, material and passenger transport, towing of smaller vessels and laying of buoys.

Technical details:

  • Length OA: 36.05m
  • Moulded beam: 8.5m
  • Draught: 1.75m
  • Depth at sides: 2.8m
  • Fixed point: 4.2m
  • Speed: 12 kns
  • Drive: 2 x MAN D 2842 (each 350kW)
  • Class: GL + 100 / A5 K (50)

BP 61 "Prignitz"

THE BP 61 “Prignitz” was built for the Federal Ministry of the Interior in the shipyard in Genthin. The commissioning and christening of the inspection and patrol boat took place in Rostock on 28.09.2006.

The “Prignitz” is the first boat in a series of 5 boats for the Federal Police (BP 62 “Ueckermark”; BP 63 “Altmark”; BP 64 “Börde”; BP 65 “Rhön”). The operational area is within the navigable waters and parts of the coastal waters along the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern all year round.

Technical details:

  • Length OA: 20.95m
  • Length LWL: 18.1m
  • Moulded beam: 5.2m
  • Depth at sides: 3.2m/2.6m
  • Draught LWL: 1.2m
  • Speed: 23 kns
  • Fixed point: 4.8m
  • Drive: 2 x 588kW

River Cruise Ship "Scenic Emerald"

The five-star river cruise ship “MS Scenic Emerald” was built for the MS Scenic Emerald AG, Basle, Switzerland in the shipyard in Tangermünde. The construction period was from July 2007 to July 2008 and the transfer from the Elbe to the Rhine was on 25.07.2008.

When building the ship we had to take into account the shipyard facilities and the dimensions of the slipway (max 86m length). For this reason the ship was built in 2 sections which were launched separately. These floating sections were then welded together using special equipment. The “MS Scenic Emerald” is in service on the Rhine, and Danube.

Technical details:

  • Length OA: 135m
  • Beam OA: 11.45m
  • Draught: 1.75m
  • Depth at sides: 3.15m
  • Fixed point: 6.07m
  • Speed: 22 kmph
  • Passengers: 171
  • Drive: 2 x 800kW

Hydraulic Dredger "Stove"

In May 2009, the “Stove”, the first of a series of 3 almost identical hydraulic dredgers was christened in the shipyard in Genthin. The “Hude” followed in September, and the third hydraulic dredger, the “Elbstrom” at the end of the year.

Client for the “Stove” is the Waterways and Shipping Authority Lauenburg and the home port is Geesthacht. The “Stove” is in operation on the Elbe (Km 502.5 – 607.5) and its main tasks are: the clearing of shallows and small areas of silt, lifting work at onshore installations such as locks, weirs, pump stations, and additional support in the repair of damages as well as the clearance of flood damage.

Technical details:

  • Length over deck: 36m
  • Moulded beam: 9.5m
  • Depth at sides: 1.9m
  • Draught: 0.9m/1.3m
  • Fixed point: 4.25m
  • Speed: 13 kmph
  • Drive: 2 x Schottel Navigator SRP 279kW

Police Boat W30

The keel laying for the new Police Boat W30 for the Marine Police Lindau took place in the Genthin shipyard on 09.11.2010.

The W30 boat is a lightweight construction made of aluminium and was christened in the Genthin shipyard on 19.07.2011. This fast police boat was then transported overland to its operational area on Lake Constance and has been in service since August 2011.

Technical details:

  • Length OA: 21.9m
  • Beam OA: 5.1m
  • Draught: 1.35m
  • Speed: 46 kmph
  • Drive: 2 x 551kW

Double-Ended Ferry "Lemwerder II"

The passenger and vehicle ferry was built in the Tangermünde shipyard for Fähren Bremen Stedingen GmbH in 2011. After successful keel laying on 30 July 2010 and a 10-month construction period she was transferred via the Elbe and North Sea to her destination on the Weser.

The ferry is in shuttle service between Lemwerder and Vegesack 24/7, 365 days in the year and replaces the “Lemwerder” which was in operation for 44 years.

Technical details:

  • Length OA: 59m
  • Beam OA: 15.3m
  • Draught (light): 1.25m
  • Drive: 4 x Schottel SRP 170/220kW
  • Load capacity: 200t
  • Passengers: 249

Workboat with Ice-Breaker Function

The five workboats were ordered by the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute and after delivery will operate in the areas of the Waterways and Shipping Authorities of Rheine, Meppen, Magdeburg and Braunschweig.

The ships should not only carry out operational work in the respective river and canal networks, but also ice-breaking duties when the weather demands it. These ships are prototypes that can operate extremely effectively all year round.

Technical data:

  • Length OA: 22.73m
  • Beam OA: 7.1m
  • Draught (light): 1.25m
  • Speed: min 13 kmph
  • Drive: 1 x 558 kW fixed pitch propeller
  • Class: GL + 100 A5 IN (0.6) Z, WORK BOAT+MC ZONEN 3,4 and 2 (INLAND)

Coastal Protection and Oil Recovery Vessel "Haithabu"

The ship “Haithabu” was ordered by the Schleswig-Holstein Agency for […] Coastal Protection, National Park and Marine Conservation and is designed for service as a coastal protection and oil recovery ship, as well as for maritime emergencies. In addition it sees service as a base for bomb disposal diving operations.

To carry out these operations the ship is equipped with sophisticated technology for oil recovery as well as a modern laboratory for the sampling and analysing of the waters and sediment. Meteorological and hydrological measurements can also be carried out during inspection tours and seabed population density can be examined. Vertical samples can be taken at any depth. The “Haithabu” is fitted with an extensive range of crane and winches to handle the complex equipment on board.

Technical data:

  • Length OA: 39.15m
  • Beam OA: 9.5m
  • Depth at sides: 3.8m
  • Draught: (light) 2m
  • Draught: (laden) 2.6m
  • Speed: 12 kns
  • Drive: 2 x 441kW, shaft with adjustable propeller
  • Class: GL + 100 A5 RSA (20) + MC E AUT Oil Recovery Vessel