SET Schiffbau- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Tangermünde mbH

Member of the Heinrich Rönner Group

The company is located in Tangermünde and Gethin.

SET is primarily focussed on the production of new vessels and conversions of passenger ships, police boats and cargo ships.

SET executes customer orders for the design, workshop planning and building of fully equipped inland vessels.

For ship repairs we can supply services in shipbuilding, metal working, mechanical engineering and pipe works, and electrical systems.



SET Schiffbau u. Entwicklungs­gesellschaft Tangermünde mbh

Carlbau 7b
39590 Tangermünde

Phone: +49 39322 993 -0
Fax: +49 39322 99319


BVT Chartering and Logistics puts the new floating crane "BHV Hercules" into operation

The new "BHV Hercules" floating crane from BVT Chartering and Logistics GmbH, which was assembled from used components from a floating crane, a fishing trawler and a drilling platform and has a lifting capacity of 80 t, helped with the assembly of the footbridge on the free-running canal on the Weser from Bremerhaven on behalf of the port company Bremenports after it was renovated.
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