The company, which is known to its customers and business partners by the abbreviation SET, consists of 2 sites in Tangermünde and Genthin.

Both sites can look back at a long tradition in shipbuilding. Ships have been built and repaired at Tangermünde for more than 150 years. Initially it was exclusively barges, lighters, and small tugs. In the first half of the 20th Century side-wheel and stern-wheel paddle steamers, and larger tugs were added. These new ships were built and repaired for the Elbe and Havel region. Tugs and launches were also delivered to Hamburg and Bohemia.

The shipyard in Genthin originated from the construction shop of the Waterways and Shipping Office after 1950. After 1945, the sites in Tangermünde and Genthin were primarily concerned with the repair and service of the remaining ships at that time.

The shipyards in Tangermünde and Genthin played a leading role in the development and expansion of the inland fleet of the then GDR. In the last 20 years the production profile has shifted to the building of new inland, and coastal vessels. Since 1990 a variety of passenger ships, police boats, ferries, research ships and vessels for the workboat fleet have been built.

Another mainstay of the company is the building of vehicle ferries. Ferries built in Tangermünde are in operation in the Weser estuary, on the Rhine and the Elbe.

The building of dredgers is also a part of the product portfolio. In recent years hydraulic dredgers for the Elbe have been built and delivered by the shipyard in Genthin. The Genthin shipyard has specialised in the use of aluminium in shipbuilding by building 5 police boats for the Federal Police. Police boats built in Genthin are in operation on the Rhine, the Elbe, canals, and Lake Constance.

A broad spectrum of repairs and conversions complete the production profile. Recently a mussel ship was converted to a water injection dredger and delivered.