With joined forces.




Design, workshop planning and installation – SET can supply all these works.

This includes the metalworking shop, machinery and pipe systems, and electronic systems. Our superb technical facilities and our highly-qualified and experienced staff provided the basis for the excellent services supplied by SET.

Whether shipbuilder, welder, mechanic or electrician the SET experts know the business of building ships.

Technical facilities and capacities:

  • 17,300m2 site
  • Shipbuilding halls – 120m x 30m x 15m
  • Multi-purpose workshop
  • Hall cranes – 4 x 25t, 1x 5t
  • Mobile crane 30t
  • 4-stage hydraulic slipway and side slipway
  • Ships up to 80m length and 1,000t weight
  • Welding gas, oxygen and compressed air networks
  • MIG/MAG and  impulse welding
  • Submerged arc welding
  • In-house turning shop
  • Machine tools for cutting and forming
  • Technical equipment to transfer different sized hulls onto land or into the water



The technical facilities and the expert Team in Genthin are also outstanding.

The shipyard has its own fully equipped shipbuilding hall for aluminium works. Regular investment in the modernisation and development of the company mean that SET’s technology is state of the art. It is our customers who benefit primarily from this because it guarantees a fast and punctual completion of works.

Technical facilities and capacities:

  • 32,000m2 site
  • Shipbuilding hall – 75m x 25m x 10m
  • Hall cranes – 2 x 8t
  • Shipbuilding hall (Aluminium) 70m x 20m x 10m
  • Hall crane 8t
  • Mechanical engineering hall / machining 45m x 30m x 10m
  • Hall crane 5t
  • Pier 350m / water depth 3m
  • 2-stage hydraulic side slipway for ships up to 82m and 640t
  • Welding gas and oxygen networks
  • MIG/MAG and  impulse welding
  • Submerged arc welding
  • In-house turning shop
  • Long bed lathe (4,600mm x 800mm)
  • Lathes (2,000mm x 300mm / 1,500mm x 250mm)
  • Machine tools for cutting and forming
  • Mobile crane 42t